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In our tests for a possible Internet fraud, the seriousness of the providers plays a major role. Our test reports and ratings focus on the following sectors: online trading, crypto trading, electricity & gas, telecommunications, finance, health + nutrition, online dating (singles sites), online recipes, VPN security, bookmakers for sports betting, online gaming arcades, online poker sites and lotteries.

In addition to reputation, proper company name and any necessary licenses for services offered, we also look very closely at the legal documents of the providers in our reviews. It is not uncommon for the general terms and conditions, bonus conditions or terms of use to be loopholes for online scammers and dubious providers. Typical features of Internet fraud and dubious practices in this context are pitfalls, loopholes and hidden clauses. Everything that does not belong to customer-friendly terms and conditions and looks like an online fraud attempt. We want to prevent consumers from being taken in by Internet scammers!

The seriousness of a provider also shows in the area of payment processes. These should always be sufficiently protected, for example by encrypted transactions. In addition, it is now common practice for reputable providers to charge fees for deposits, for example. Occasionally, fees cannot be avoided, for example when exchanging currencies. However, these should not be in the online test in the area of usury and thus a fraud.

Online fraud: I want my money back is that possible?
We advise victims of online fraud to read carefully whether the terms and conditions and, if applicable, the terms of use and bonus conditions have been observed. According to this, under certain circumstances, money paid can be reclaimed depending on the payment method, if the customer has been defrauded.

We are not allowed to give legal advice on this, but a brief explanation of the possibilities. We will only consider a few common payment methods on the Internet.

Online bank transfer: Undo not possible. But Internet fraud can be reported to the bank
Direct debit: Can be cancelled up to 8 weeks and up to 13 months in case of online fraud
Credit card: Can be reversed with charge-back procedure with costs.
E-wallets: Can only be reversed with good reason with Paypal, Neteller and Skrill. With Paypal there is a buyer protection.
Depending on the severity of the Internet fraud or if there is no other solution through conventional channels, the police and a lawyer can also be involved.