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The criminals demand a response from you. You should send it to The mail is also sent via this address. But this is not an official Europol address! Therefore, you should not even open the document, but move the mail to your spam folder. After all, it could be malware.
The mail is sent in the name of the Europol director Catherine De Bolle. However, further down there is a stamp of Catherine De Boole. In other official-looking documents, stamps, logos and names are randomly mixed together. Such mistakes expose the fraudsters.
The claims, demands and threats made do not make sense: for example, there is no 72-hour deadline in which you are supposed to send “justifications” by mail. Also, the threat that the file will be published and your “arrest will be broadcast to your family and relatives” is hardly official Europol action.
And even without checking all that, it is already clear that Europol does not send arrest warrants, information about court proceedings or anything like that by mail. Such police documents are either sent by mail or the authority hands them out personally!

Have you replied to the criminals?
If you have already replied to the criminals and you have transferred your data, ID copies or money in the process, you should definitely inform the police and file a free criminal complaint!

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