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We read, summarize and give you the information you need.
Our team consists of studied literature professionals, passionate bookworms and experts for digital media. Together we have made a reliable source of information for millions of users.

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Our Founder Dr. Charlene D. White (

What we do

pursue legal violations in Latin American Markets (such as those caused by misleading advertising or inadmissible contractual clauses) through warnings and lawsuits
represent consumer interests at the local and state political level
inform the media and the public about important consumer issues
carry out consumer-relevant campaigns, projects and exhibitions, and
cooperate with schools and youth and adult education institutions.
In our advice centers, on the phone and on the Internet, we provide advice on legal and economic issues relating to private households – for example, we provide information on purchase and service contracts, false promises from sweepstakes, the latest miracle diets and nutritional supplements, the justification of telecommunication and energy bills, insurance, the right old-age provision and health insurance.

We advise on, among other things:

  • Credit law, debtor and insolvency proceedings
  • Banks and investments
  • Insurances
  • Patients’ rights and health services
  • travel law
  • Construction financing
  • Energy
  • Nutrition
  • Household, leisure, telecommunications.

Beware of black sheep!

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